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First Visit Expectations

Your initial visit to Sunshine Dental will include a complete dental history update where we will screen for a number of dental care issues.

What does your initial visit include?

   Health History Update
   Blood Pressure Screening
   Soft Tissue / Oral Cancer screening
   Examination for signs of disease or decay
   Digital x-rays (80% less radiation required!)
   Hygiene assisted evaluation of periodontal (gum) health

After we have the diagnostic materials we need, the hygienist will determine if you need a ‘healthy’ cleaning or if you need to be scheduled for a longer, more involved procedure.

How often should I get a checkup?

At Sunshine Dental, continuing-care (check-up and cleaning) visits are just as important as your other dental treatments. Your continuing-care visit includes many procedures that are extremely important for your long-term oral health. Typically a checkup every six months is ideal for most patients, however Dr. Alto, Dr. Manouchehri and/or your hygienist will recommend the best overall checkup interval for your dental needs.

Did You Know?

Routine flossing can help your arteries and immune system stay younger and healthier while helping prevent periodontal disease! Amazing!

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